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Is pain or limited range of motion keeping you from being active again? We can help.

We have a very active population here in Helena, so it’s no wonder we have a high rate of sports injuries as a result of our active lifestyle. Sports-related injuries are a part of life, but we can’t allow them to stop us from getting out there and enjoying what we love best.

If you’re a jogger, mountain biker, golfer, play football, baseball, basketball, yoga, or any other sport under the sun, and have suffered a small to major injury as a result, then you need to consult with our team to resolve your underlying injury immediately before it gets worse.

As one of only a few Chiropractic BioPhysics chiropractors here in Helena specializing in sports injuries, Dr. Nick Smith and his team can not just pinpoint the source of pain, but methodically and effectively address all musculoskeletal issues to return you back to health.

I’ve suffered a sports injury, what’s next?

The first step is to contact our office to schedule an appointment.  Before icing or heating your muscles and joints, getting a massage, or taking pain medication, let’s make sure what the exact extent of the sports injury is.  Often, folks will self-diagnose themselves and end up going down the wrong path as it relates to treatment options.  So let’s first make sure what the injury is, then propose a course of treatment to effectively address the root cause of your pain.

Step 1: Schedule your free in-office consultation so that we can better understand your concerns.

Step 2: Next, we will go through a very thorough and methodical examination process, utilizing the most advanced digital x-ray, posture assessment apps, and assessment tools to understand the precise location and extent of the injury.

Step 3: With a game-plan in place, we will begin the treatment process.  Our goal is not only to address your immediate pain and discomfort, but dig deep to address the real root cause of the injury.  Sports injuries often recur due to existing structural weaknesses, so it is important to treat any underlying issues and strengthen any weaknesses to prevent the injury from coming back.  This process may include adjustments, joint manipulation, decompression therapy, traction therapy, sports massage therapy, exercises, and more.

Step 4: Upon completion and getting back on your feet, we recommend “maintenance care” to ensure daily stresses, falls, and tweaks don’t cause you additional problems down the line.

Our Sports Injury Treatment Process

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Consult to understand patient complaints and areas of pain

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A thorough exam and pinpoint assessment to find the problem

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Develop a custom course of treatment to address damage

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