Car Accident Chiropractor in Helena, Montana

Car Accident Chiropractor in Helena

Whether you are suffering from mild to severe pain, our highly effective chiropractic approach will get you results.

Thousands of car accidents happen thought out Helena each year, and while some are extremely serious, requiring life-saving intervention in a critical care setting, the majority are minor and cause nothing more than neck pain, back pain, and migraine headaches.

Your Helena Auto Accident Chiropractic

Dr Nick Smith and his team of chiropractors and therapists are experts at helping patients recover from car accidents through the highly advanced and results-oriented chiropractic technique called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

Unlike typical chiropractic care, CBP is highly focused on pinpointing even the slightest damage to the spine. Once the area of concern is determined, a more methodical and calculated set of chiropractic therapies are implemented to help patients recover.

I’ve been in a car accident, what’s next?

Contact our office immediately for an appointment to get started. The longer you wait, the more damage you can be causing, even if you don’t feel pain. That’s because a slight misalignment caused by whiplash will not immediately manifest, rather deteriorate over time until sufficient damage has been caused, requiring even more care to correct.

Step 1: Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation. This step is essential for us to better understand your current status, and how we can help.

Step 2: Once we’ve spoken and understood your areas of pain and discomfort, we can begin the treatment process, which begins with a thorough exam and digital x-rays to fully understand the areas of misalignment and spinal damage.

Step 3: Now the treatment phase begins. Our team will devise a customized plan to address your issues, and to correct the root cause of the problem. This course of treatment my include adjustments, traction, decompression therapy, in-office and in-home exercises, and more. This all depends on your specific needs to ensure your spine is correctly and effectively rehabilitated back into shape.

Step 4: Once you’re done with your care, we recommend “maintenance care” to ensure daily stresses don’t cause your spine to become misaligned again.

We are your chiropractor in Helena location

Our Auto Accident Treatment Process

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Consult to understand patient complaints and areas of pain

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A thorough exam and spinal assessment to pinpoint issues

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Develop a custom course of treatment to address damage

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